UX Salon 2018
14 speakers from Italy, Israel, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Russia, Belarus and Lithuania.

James Luther

Convergent Design

Scott Gould

Designing for Engagement

Yenny Otero

Strategic Design Thinking

Marc Paulina

Empathic Design for Conversational Interfaces

Matteo Cavucci

Redesign Design

Talia Wolf

Emotional Targeting

Emanuela Damiani

Community-based Design

Vitaly Friedman

Smashing Magazine’s Relaunch Case Study

Andrew Watson

Google Design Sprint for Voice User Interfaces

Nikita Efimov

Empathy and Impact Mapping Workshop

Yonatan Levy

Turning Uncertainty Into Creative Power

Jenny Shen

Design for Users Across Cultures

Barbara Tornaghi

Convergent Design

Yuri Vedenin

Customer Journey Mapping Workshop

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