Yonatan Levy

Yonatan Levy is a product leader, UX expert and entrepreneur, with over a decade of experience in digital product development; he is also a classically trained artist who has exhibited his works around the world. Levy shares with us his own arsenal of creative-thinking techniques that fuse artistic perspectives with the dynamic demands of today’s high tech industry.

UX Salon Talk

Turning Uncertainty Into Creative Power.

In a highly volatile tech landscape and an accelerating speed of business, we can never know all the variables. We often feel that uncertain circumstances stand in our way to fulfilling our creative potential. The real question is – how can we embrace uncertainty and use it as a tool to reach levels of creativity we never thought possible, especially when we are inherently wired to avoid it?

This talk is based on Yonatan’s book, The Other Ideas: Art, Digital Products and the Creative Mind, a book for individuals that want to embrace and thrive on uncertainty as a tool to reach their highest creative and do work that matters.

2 days of Practical Tools and Insights

For UX and Digital Product Professionals. May 6-7, 2018 / Tel Aviv

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