Yenny Otero

Yenny Otero is a User Experience Designer with more than 15 years of experience in Interaction Design. She is educated as a Computer Engineer, but has developed her career around Human Computer Interaction, Service Design and Digital transformation. She currently works as Associate Design Director at Sapient Razorfish in London.

Morning Workshop

Strategic Design Thinking: Translating UX into Business Language

In our own world of user-centered thinking, the ideas that will be implemented will be the ones that are best for users… so we just need to think of designing the best user experience, right? Well, not so fast: the reality is often more complicated.

Decision makers typically measure ideas by the impact and value they bring to their businesses. If we are not able to argue why new ideas are important in their language of value and shekels, and how they will be losing money without them, we will be spending lots of energy and effort on work that will ultimately never be implemented.

In this workshop we will understand the three components of Strategic Design Thinking: the Company, the Context and the Customer, and we will share a process and tools to approach problems from these three perspectives.

Who is it for?
If you own or manage a company, you will get to understand the connection and process between good product design and ensuring business success.

If you are a designer or a freelancer, you will be more comfortable selling your work by outlining the value it will bring to your company, and how it will help them make more money.

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    They say that curiosity killed the cat but here at UX Salon we encourage curiosity. Curiosity is crucial for uncovering creative solutions and for learning new things.

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