Scott Gould

Scott Gould is an author, speaker and advisor on the topic of engagement and how people interact with ideas, brands, products, and each other. Scott was formerly a church minister, and currently works with Global 500s on their engagement strategies, as well as serving as the UK Chair of the Enterprise Engagement Alliance.

UX Salon Talk

The Engagement Advantage: unearthing the simple process behind how engagement works

There is seldom a word that is as misunderstood, yet as critical to understand, as engagement. Study upon study shows the vital benefits that engaged customers, employees and communities yield, YET, for most people who actually do the work of engagement they are in reality stuck trying one tactic after another, without a strategic understanding of what it is, and how to increase it.

For without understanding and operationalising engagement, your organisation will be left at the mercy of those who do, and who enjoy a customer that has a bond with their products and brand that even the most competitive of offerings cannot break. Engagement, then, must either be your future, or it will be your funeral.

That’s where this talk comes in. Eight years in the making, redrafting and deconstructing almost two decades of experience into a profoundly simple framework that demystifies what engagement is, and will leave you knowing how it happens, how to get management and your team on board with it, and most importantly, how to strategically increase it.

Afternoon Workshop

How to Design for Engagement

Engagement is one of the key imperatives for any offering that hopes to be successful today, with a weight of research backing up the benefits of it with organisations; yet it is often derided as a buzzword, and seldom strategically understood or implemented.

This workshop provides a strategic map for engagement through a series of frameworks, which are based on almost two decades of work in the field across a broad and diverse range of contexts. These models will help you understand engagement and its importance and implementation in design, as well as being highly memorable so that going forward you’ll be able to easily recall them and put them into practice.

Participants will learn:

1: The definition of engagement.

2: The three levels of engagement for your offerings, and how to scale up them.

3: Breaking down the five units of digital relationship, and discerning what is and what is not engagement

4: What practical design elements increase engagement

5: Understanding to the six stages of user engagement, and designing to successfully take people on that journey.

2 days of Practical Tools and Insights

For UX and Digital Product Professionals. May 6-7, 2018 / Tel Aviv

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