Nikita Efimov

Nikita is a Senior Product Manager at UXPressia, a UX coach at training center ITMINE, and an inspiring leader of the UXSPb – community of UX designers, user researchers, and information architects in Saint-Petersburg.Nikita has over 12 years of experience in Software Development area, including positions as a Head of UX and Senior Product Manager. He has a strong experience in UX, user research and product management.He is an experienced speaker and organizer of several conferences in Russia, including World Usability Day, World Information Architecture Day, ProfsoUX, and SECR.

Morning Workshop

Empathy and Impact Mapping

Is it hard for you to build empathy to your users? Is it hard for you to be on the same page with the rest of the team on who we are building our product for? Even if you did that, is it still hard for you to come up with a good solution to reach your project’s goal? Or is it hard to come up to mutually agreed project scope in your team? The workshop will highlight 2 useful tools, Empathy Mapping and Impact Mapping, to help you to fix that.

First part will cover Empathy Mapping tool: a useful method to get the information from the heads of participants and to put everybody on the same in regards to their customer, users or whoever they are trying to build empathy for. Participants will get familiar with the tool and will see the results of mutual collaborative usage of the tool.

Second part will cover Impact Mapping tool: a strategic planning technique that helps to reduce waste by preventing scope creep and over-engineered solutions. Participants will get familiar with the tool and will see how it combines with Empathy Mapping and mutually benefits from it.

Afternoon Workshop

Customer Journey Mapping

Customer journey map illustrates the relationship of a customer with a business over a period of time using storytelling technique and visual cues. The story is being told from the perspective of the customer, which will provide insights of the total experience from the customer. You team will get a better understanding and addresses customers’ need and pain points as they experience your product or service.

This intense workshop offers participants to immerse into the beauty of Customer Journey Mapping tool. Participants will work in teams and practice the tool itself, meanwhile learning about some other related tools while practicing it hands-on along a real life project. Almost all the theory is supposed to be left behind the workshop, so the planned amount of practice is 90% J

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