Marc Paulina

Marc is a Senior User Experience Designer at Google, focusing on multimodal (voice and touch) conversational experiences for the Google Assistant across a range of surfaces from mobile to wearables.

UX Salon Talk

Empathic Design for Conversational Interfaces

We are in the age of machine learning, artificial intelligence, natural language understanding, internet of things and robotics all brought alive by ambient assistive companions. Everything is talking, everything has a brain…and we respond to these “presences” with many of the same feelings and reactions as if they were sentient beings. It’s not our fault. It’s 150,000 years of human hardwiring telling us that a speaking thing is not just an “it,” it’s alive and aware and connecting with us.

How might we design for Emotional Intelligence to make people feel that these experiences are useful, familiar, comfortable, positive, supportive and trust-worthy?

Afternoon Workshop

Google Design Sprint for Voice User Interfaces

Natural language conversational interfaces are emerging as a powerful new way for people to interact with digital services. In order to design a natural user interface, we need to apply a human-centered design approach.

In this hands on design sprint you will learn how to design and prototype a conversational experience using new Google Design Sprint methodologies. We’ll start from the theory and principles of social interaction, and then start crafting the personality and dialog of your conversational agent. You’ll also learn the investigative rehearsal methodology to rapidly prototype the conversation, putting yourself in the user’s shoes to better understand their ideas, thoughts and emotions throughout the interaction and then explore how the conversation changes when it’s manifested on multimodal surfaces such as mobile and wearables.

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