Barbara Tornaghi

Barbara Tornaghi is a Senior Designer and Researcher at frog in Milan, where she is leading convergent programs in the consumer and healthcare spaces. She has 20 years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies and start-ups on multi-faceted programs following a human-centered design approach. Barbara has always been passionate about improving the user experience in our rapid-changing world and has been fortunate to work on design and innovation programs where the product, digital experience, service and space all come together.

UX Salon Talk

Convergent Design: Prototyping at the Intersection of Physical and Digital Experience

In a market saturated with digital experiences, the world’s largest technology companies have turned to physical product as a way to both transport value and deepen their connection with users. This intersection of physical and digital experiences has given rise to the emerging field of convergent design.

This talk provides a framework for understanding convergent design, offering examples from frog’s portfolio that illustrate the importance of simulating the whole user interaction, to achieve the very best user experience.

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