May 6, 2018 / 9:00 AM - 17:00 PM
Heichal Hatarbut Hevel Modiin

8:15 AM - Registration and Light Breakfast

Humanizing Web Design: The Smashing Magazine Relaunch Case Study

Vitaly Friedman, Smashing Magazine

Vitaly Friedman, editor-in-chief and co-founder of Smashing Magazine, will share insights and lessons learned from one of the most challenging projects of his life, the Smashing Magazine’s redesign…

How to Turn Uncertainty Into Creative Power

Yonatan Levy, UX Product Leader

How can we embrace uncertainty and use it as a tool to reach levels of creativity we never thought possible, especially when we are inherently wired to avoid it?

10:25 AM - Let's have coffee (30 Minutes)

Community-based Design

Emanuela Damiani, Mozilla – Firefox

Emanuela will share her experience working on Mozilla’s Firefox, a product highly influenced by its community…

Empathic Design for Conversational Interfaces

Marc Paulina, Google

We are in the age of machine learning, artificial intelligence, natural language understanding, internet of things and robotics all brought alive by ambient assistive companions. Everything is talking, everything has a brain…

12:25 PM - Are you hungry? (60 Minutes Lunch Break)

How to Design Experiences that Customers Love to Convert to

Talia Wolf, GetUplift

Get ready to discuss persuasion, emotion and hands-on tactics for creating experiences customers love to convert to…

Design for Users Across Cultures

Jenny Shen, Toptal

To create products for international users, we must be aware of the full range of human diversity with respect to language, culture and other forms of human difference. Jenny will share from her experience on how to design for users across cultures.

Redesign Design

Matteo Cavucci, ThoughtWorks

Matteo Cavucci, a senior consultant at ThoughtWorks will present a thought-provoking approach for designing digital products, and suggest a more efficient way to structure our work. A presentation you don’t want to miss.

15:15 PM - Networking and Coffee Break (30 Minutes)

Convergent Design: Prototyping at the Intersection of Physical and Digital Experience

Barbara Tornaghi and James Luther, Frog Design

Technology companies have turned to physical product as a way to both transport value and deepen their connection with users. This talk will discuss the fascinating field of Convergent Design.

The Engagement Advantage

Scott Gould

To engage is to form a true lasting bond with our users and customers. Scott Gould, author of The Shape of Engagement, shares the simple process behind how engagement works…

17:00 PM - Ends. See you tomorrow.

Evening After Party

18:45 PM – WalkMe Headquarters

Join us for the UX Salon 2018 after party. 4 Inspiring UX talks, mingling and beer and the WalkMe Headquarters.

May 7 - Workshops

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