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4 Inspiring UX talks, mingling and beer.

Join us for an extra shot of UX inspiration and beer at WalkMe.

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Mingling, Snacks and Beer

Meet us at the WalkMe headquarters to mingle with fellow attendees and UX Salon 2018 speakers.

19:45 - Nikita Efimov, Senior Product Manager, UXPressia

Feature Canvas: How to Start Working on a New Feature

Often, when we get a description of a new feature (or new idea about how to improve our product comes to our mind), we start instantly working on solution instead of focusing on “problems and needs area”. The Feature Canvas model is a tool I developed to help me spend more time in the “problems area” before starting to work on a new feature or product improvement solutions. It allows me to focus on my users when analyzing incoming good or bad ideas.

20:00 - Jenny Shen, UX/Product Designer at Toptal

Persuasive Design Patterns

Just because people can do something does not guarantee that they will. Firstly, they must be motivated. Secondly, they must be persuaded to make decisions. Understanding the emotions that support the desired behavior is the key to conversion.With experience in reward programs, B2C and e-commerce services, Jenny will show you how to apply psychology and persuasive design patterns, and why they work. You will learn the underlying psychological principles that drive humans toward action, and how to win customers and keep them without Please-Don’t-Go pop-ups.

20:15 - Udy Ravid, WalkMe

Case Study: Visualization of Complex Systems

WalkMe’s editor allows admins to create a simple guidance layer over complex systems, referencing various visual and logical capabilities. This case study showcases the design process that led the transformation from a linear (almost code-like) interface to today’s visually rich editor. We’ll share the the design decisions that guided this project, which can be applied to the creation of other complex systems.

20:30 - Yuri Vedenin, UXPressia

Guerrilla Research Tactics and Tools

As more and more companies realise the value of UX research, “guerrilla” methods have become a popular way to squeeze research into limited budgets and short timelines. This talk will explore variety of tactics and tools for a successful expedition on a guerrilla UX research mission.

WalkMe Headquarters

Date: May 6, 2018
18:45 – 21:00

WalkMe – Walter Moses St 1
Tel Aviv

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